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Introducing Lock-Up-Dates™ 


Welcome to the DreadFamily!


The following was intended for the lucky individual who will be using the Dread Head HQ Dread Products recently ordered. If that's not you please be a lamb and pass this on to them, they'll be really glad you did!  = )


Hey Sup!

Thank you for choosing the HQ. We look forward to being your “dread support” team and we can't wait to help you grow foot after foot of the tightest, healthiest dreads you've eva seen!

This email has two purposes: First, to check up on you and make sure you know how to contact us if you ever have any questions or problems. And second, to make sure you get your Lock-Up-Dates set up if you are starting new dreads. Lock-Up-Dates are totally free and they will help your dreads imensly so be sure not to miss the setup steps at the end of this message!

When you get your stuff please check through it and make sure it's all good and there's no gerbils in your box. If there are any problems, the fastest way to let us know is to use this page. It will provide a short submit form so we'll be able to get all the info we need to make things right on the first try.  If you find a gerbil please name it and give it proper care. This site is an excellent resource for new gerbil owners like yourself.

Thanks for ordering and welcome to tha family!

Knotty Sloan and I would like to thank you for choosing DreadHeadHQ! Since 1999, Knotty Sloan and I have been helping people create the dreads they want. We love everything about dreadlocks and we hope to pass on our passion and our knowledge so that your dreading experience can be as rewarding as ours has been. Our focus is on making your journey to amazing, healthy dreads as easy and fun as possible by giving you all the tools and info you need to make dreads exactly like you want! - Strong, healthy dreads that will give you pleasure year after year as they grow towards your knees! - Dreads that you’ll love forever!

You’ve probably had a chance to read our site and watch some dreadvlog videos. It’s a lot of info to take in! As time goes on you’ll learn even more and everything will make sense but for now you’re sure to have questions. Our aim is to be there for you as your dreadlocks support team. If you every need help we want you to come directly to us!

We’ve been at this while and we’ve never come across a problem that couldn't’ be solved. If you have questions or doubts or worries at any point in your journey let us know! You’re part of the family and we can’t wait to help! 

Here’s a list of all the ways you can get your questions answered:

Our site and FAQ section: We’ve been adding the questions people ask to our FAQ and adding info to our site for over 10 years now!  Each section of the site as next buttons so you can flow right though and not miss anything. The site search is highly improved and the FAQ is broken down into categories that make sense and help you get to info faster!


The DreadHead Dread Family Community:  Learn directly from other DreadHeads that have walked the same exact path! Share pics of your dreads and enjoy the company of some of the coolest and best informed peeps to every sport dreadlocks. The dread family will be the center of your dread support team!

FacebookBring your questions to our DreadHeadHQ Facebook wall. There are tons of DreadHeads there waiting to share their knowledge!  Our facebook page is also a great place to post pics of your dreads. Just add DreadHeadHQ as a friend and then tag your dreads in your favorite dread pics as “DreadHeadHQ” to add them to our gallery! (Please Note: Facebook mail/messages is not a good place to email us - please email us through the site using our forms. )

Support Ticket Center: We still don’t have every question answered on the site! If you've searched and can't find an answer use our form to hit us up by email and let us know what's missing.


As you can see there's never any reason to leave your questions un-answered! Now that you know how to get help if you need it let's talk about Lock-Up-Dates™


So you decided to dread! First off...Congrats! You're gunna love the journey! As much fun as it can be to help new dreads grow up it's nothing next to pride you're derive from the shockwave of awed glances (and odd stares) you'll be getting when you sport a head full of tight mature dreadies. Getting there takes time and because no one can do it overnight the prize is that much more precious.

One of the hardest things about getting dreads started is knowing when to do what, and how often. You don't normally think about how often to comb or wash your hair. It's probably hard to remember the last time you had to ask for advice on personal hygiene. You were probably like six. Your new maintenance routine will take some getting used to and you'll have some questions.  Not to worry though, we are here for ya and dread questions are our speciality. We've been at this a while now and over the years we've come up with a collection of questions and answers that is nearly "all inclusive". So now, if you need to know something, just drop some keywords in the search box at the top of our site and answers to nearly all of your dread questions will be just a click away. Of course if you happen to come across a question that's not answered by your search let us know by using the form at the bottom of this page here so we can add it. 


After you've had dreads a while, caring for them will be second nature just like caring for regular hair but when you're first getting started there is always a bit of uncertainty about what to expect. It can make dreading tougher than it has to be. Left unchecked it can lead to doubts and anxiety and become the reason for “changing ones mind” about dreads. You might be surprised to know that about 95% of the people who do change their mind do so before they've ever really had dreads. The crappy part is that usually by the time they throw in the towel they are just about through the hard work, but they never get to enjoy their dreads.


Why do I mention this? Because I want you to be aware of the ironic tragedy that you are going to effortlessly avoid. I'm going to give you two invaluable things that will ensure you don't go down that unfortunate path, the second of which is knowledge. While it's true that much of what you'll read in your Lock-Up-Dates™ can be found on our site, there are a couple major differences... you may get a lil misty when you realize how much easier this is going to make your dreading process. Assuming that you've read the site you have a pretty good idea of what you'll need to do to make your dreads happen. However, if you're involved in any extracurricular activities, dreading 101 is not the only course on your plate. As your knattys progress it's unlikely that you'll find the time to scour our website for every droplet of dread know-how that pertains to you and yours at their particular stage of maturity. 


This is where Lock-Up-Dates™ come in. Lock-Up-Dates™ follow the progress of your dreads. They let you know what to expect and provide dreadlock info that's targeted to your locks "right now". Like “time release nuggets of dread wisdom”, they provide just what you need to know, at the time when it's most helpful. You'll also get long term reminders like when to remove your rubber bands and switch up your maintenance routine. To further sweeten the deal you'll find exclusive tips and even some sweet coupons along the way! Knotty Sloan and I don't just care about your dreadlocks success today - we want to be sure that you're enjoying your dreads for years to come! To that end, you'll find a great many forward looking tips that will help ensure the long term health and sustainability of your dreadlocks. We'd like nothing more than to add you to the growing list of Dread Heads that have started their long beautiful locks with one of our Dread Kits and have now been spreading the love and turning heads for 10 years plus!


So,are you still wondering what the first thing I'm giving you is??... Glad you're paying such close attention... =]


The first thing I'm going to give you is a promise. No, not some cheesy promise from me to you... This is a promise from you to yourself. lol ok, I know that’s even cheesier but whatever, this is important so Listen Up!

If you're serious about your dreads succeeding, the most important thing you can do to ensure that success is to decide now that regardless of how things go you will allow yourself to experience having dreads before you cut'em. I mean you owe yourself and your dreads at least that, right? Of course! So, if you haven't already be sure to download the "Dread Pact" from here and take the first step towards ensuring the success of your dreadies to be!


How to start your Lock-Up-Dates™


 So let's get your Lock-Up-Dates™ set up so I can deliver your nuggets as promised and well see how fast we can get your dreads looking the business….

The timing is important here…you want to sign up for the Lock-Up-Dates™ right after you finish backcombing your dreads. It doesn’t have to be that same minute or anything….so if you think you might need to shoot off some fireworks to celebrate your new dreads go ahead and do that…after the cops leave come inside and use the link below to fire off your first Lock-Up-Date™. If you're following the instructions on the site you'll see a reminder to start your Lock-Up-Dates™ at the end of the backcombing step. (If not don't worry - just remember that's a great time to do it!) 

PS: Please don't forget to take a “Before Picture”!! Is always good fun to look back and reminisce about how dorky you looked before dreads! :)


Your first Lock-Up-Date™ will be delivered right after you sign up and it will have info you don't want to miss like:


1) How to check over and fix new backcombing to make sure it's right and your dreadies are off to a good start.


2) Tips for your first dread washing 



You'll need 4 things to start your Lock-Up-Dates™:


1) Your email address, where I'll send the Lock-up-dates™. (but I will not send SPAM or share your email - Scouts Honor ;)

2) A keen understanding of Non-Euclidean geometry 

3) Your DreadHead Order number where you ordered a Dread Kit or your Lock-Up-Date™ subscription.

4) A head full of new dreads that are freshly backcombed!


On second thought forget #2, just have your order number and email ready, and as soon as you finish your backcombing Click Here to sign up for your very own Lock-Up-Dates !


You will be asked for a Username and Password

Username: startup

Password: (please copy and paste your signup code below)



(it may ask for the info twice, if so just repaste and it should work)

So, adios for now, hasta your first Lock-Up-Date™! The next time we talk you'll have DREADS!!! AHH!! How frickn' awesome is THAT??


peace, locks and nappyness,

Knotty Jonny C.





 Dreadlockspiration from the DreadHead Family!

This emails is part of your premium Lock-Up-Date service.


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