How is the Dread-Licious used? What does it do? When do I use it? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Dread-Licious has two main purposes. First, it's a great moisturizer that's easy to apply. This isn't real important when the dreads are new because the dread wax does a great job preventing dryness and breakage. After the dreads have matured however it's important to avoid dry conditions that lead to damage and the Dread-Licous is more than able.

Dread-Licious also provides some mouth-watering dread flavas and keeps things exciting and fresh. Dreads have long had an undeserved reputation for being dirty and smelly, a couple sprays of Dread-Licious will not only obliterate this crusty old rumor but it will leave everyone you pass wondering why their salivating.

Dread-Licious can be used lightly as a fragrance any time but increased use as a moisturizer should be postponed until the dreads are closer to maturity or limited to the "B" Week when knots are not being created.

To use the Dread-Licious just point and shot. 2-3 squeezes of the pump sprayer will be plenty for a boost of tasty flava. 5-6 sprays should be sufficient to take the dryness of out your dreads. After spraying you can run your fingers through your dreads in a combing motion. This will carry the dread-licious across the surface of the dreads.