How do you remove dreadlocks using Dread-Zasta? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Start by taking a shower and washing your dreads with a residue free shampoo. After you rinse the dreads work the Dread Zasta into each dread using enough to saturate the dread and ensure full coverage. Let the Dread Zasta sit on the hair for ten minutes or so if possible. Rinse the Dread Zasta out of the dreads. You'll still be able to feel a small amount of Dread Zasta on the hair but none should be visible. Now let the dreads dry completely. You can speed things along with a hair dryer. When the dreads are dry you're ready to begin removal.
Begin combing the dread right at the tip with a metal Dread Comb. Only comb through a tiny portion of dread at a time. You can turn the comb so that only the first couple teeth are pulling. This will allow you to pull apart extra dense areas of the dread. Work your way from the tips toward the roots. Combing will become easier and easier as you near the roots.
You'll be able to have several people combing them out at once if you have a few combs. This makes things go quickly but be sure to do the last inch or two of each dread yourself. This will prevent a lot of unnecessary tugging and pulling.
Don't be alarmed at the amount of loose hair that is combed out of the dreads. We naturally shed up to two dozen hairs each day. With dreads all of this hair remains in the dread, unless of course you comb them out, in which case it all ends up in the comb! =]
After the dreads are out you'll likely have an afro of sorts. The hair will calm down after a few washes. Most people also go to a stylist and get things trimmed up.