How can I remove residues from my dreads? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

This is a question I received from Otto on Google+:

Somehow while showering, I managed to get regular shampoo into three of my dreads just once. I quickly tried to wipe most of it out, and then dried the hair to the best of my ability, but I noticed there was still some left since those dreads took much longer than the rest to dry. I'm not sure if the shampoo has residue or not within it, but my main question is, how do I get it out? Do I have to cut it off? Do I keep showering like normal?

Please help me me I am kinda scared of dreadrot and I am a regular customer with you, so I put my hair in your hands.

Thank you for reply!

Residues in the dreads will increase the drying time, the good news is, you don' t have build up that been caked up over a long time so a wash or two with our regular dread soap and you should have everything clean and be good to go, no worries =]

Deep Cleaning

In cases where soap residue has been allowed to build up over time it's much harder to remove. I've seen the best results achieved by first soaking the dreads for 10 minutes or so in hot water with a little dread soap, about 2 tbsp for a gallon of water. A cup of lemon juice can optionally be added to the hot water. After soaking, work the dread soap into each dread like a sponge. This takes time to do well but it's worth the effort. When all the dreads are good and soapy let them site for 5 minutes or so while you get some fresh hot water. Work the soap out of them while they are under water and continue to flush them with water until all the soap is gone. This will leave your dread uber clean but in some cases it may take an additional washing like this to fully remove stubborn residues.