How can I contact you guys by email? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

We do not list a regular email address on our site but all of our contact forms do send emails to us and we will reply by email to you. There are a bunch of bonuses that come with starting your contact using a form over a regular email address:

  • With a form we are able to get all of the info we'll need to take care of your request. No wasted time to verify a shipping address or ask about an order number.

  • Spam bots can't grab our email address and add it to lists. This keeps keeps our inboxes clean so we can focus on the messages that matter...yours!

  • Our forms will also create a support ticket for you. This ticket will keep a record of all messages we send back and forth so nothing is lost or missed. You 'll be able to log in an check on tickets directly in our ticket center.

  • Anytime you send us a message you'll get confirmation that we received it - this is really important - without that double check you might be patiently waiting on a response to a message that we never received!

  • Finally, the forms sort the email for us so we can be sure to look at all shipment related emails before shipping orders and we can spend time responding to messages instead of sorting them. 

When you need to contact us the best place to start is our support page: You can choose between Dreadlocks Help and Customer service topics and after a few clicks you'll have a form that will get us the info we need to help you out.

Occasionally the reason for contact is so unusual that there is no appropriate form: Maybe you're calling on behalf of Rolling Stone or the Oval Office to request an interview about dreadlocks, maybe you're a personal friend looking to catch up or a charity that helps out bald children in third world counties that need dreadlocks. In any of these cases the best form to use is our Quick Suggestions form - you'll find one the left side of nearly every page on our site. We look forward to hearing from you!!