Finger Rubbing Dreadlocks

dreadlocks maintenanceSounds strange - "finger rubbing" - like something insane people might do when they haven't had their meds... It's not that strange though. I do it...and I'm totally sane,  "BEAVERS & DUCKS!!!"

Finger rubbing is when you use your fingers to make knots in a dread. It's easy to confuse with "Finger Rolling" which is like palm rolling but done with your fingers rather than your palms.

The Finger Rubbing motion is similar to the motion used for dread balling and the idea is very similar. Finger Rubbing can be done in any part of the dread but it's usually done in the body or at the roots of the dread.

finger rolling dreadlocks


When you finger rub, you're rubbing the hair in a circular motion, clockwise if possible, to create knots. How you hold the hair and the size of the circles will vary and that's fine. You'll figure out what works best for the size of dread you're working with after some trial and error. You'll probably do the majority of the rubbing between your thumb and forefinger (pointer finger) and you'll no doubt switch off hands as your fingers get tired. Of course the same ideas apply here as far as products go. Clean is great, clean and accelerator is better, clean with accelerator and a dash of lock peppa is Kick ASS!

Is this "A" week stuff starting to sink in? Don't worry, it will become second nature in no time. Next up are the "B" week section where we help the "A" week knots compress and tighten.