Dreadlocks Video Contest

dreadlocks video contest


Got Dreadlocking Skills? We think that's worth some free products!


Knotty Sloan and I had an idea:  Tutorial videos for ALL of the dreadhead products and techniques! It would be awesome, no doubt, but just thinking about making all those vids...it would take ages! but then it hit me... We already have tons of experienced users that know how our products work and can help others with their dreads! Not only could you guys make more videos with more info, but people could see the results in all kinds of hair types! Now THAT would be EPIC!

So the only thing left to do is figure out how to hook you guys up when you make one of these videos and how to hook you up even MORE when you make a really awesome video!. I think you’ll like what we came up with! Instead of having specific products for prizes we’re going to give gift certificates so that you can choose anything you want from our store! Since better videos get more likes we’re going to give bigger gift certificates depending on how many likes your video gets. It’s pretty simple really: 
For every YouTube “Like” your video gets, you’ll get 50 cents to spend in our store.
16 Likes = $8
25 Likes = $12.50
all the way up to 60 Likes = $30!


...In other words..


dreadlocks videos

So what to make your video about? That’s easy! All the video needs to do is help people use any of our products or tools better. You can focus on one single product, like how to apply dread butta, how to know when to add it etc. Or you can talk about how to fix an issue, like loose hair at the roots, and you can tell people how to use the different products together to create knots and pull the hair in. All videos are subject to our approval, we’re not picky though, we just want videos that make it easier and more fun for people to get the tips, info and instructions on our site.   

There’s no specific video quality/size requirement. Most point and shoot digital cameras take video that will work fine. It should be easy to see what you are demonstrating and easy to understand what you’re saying. Content is king, the more helpful a video is, the quicker it will get likes. Take a second to find good light, outdoors may be best, having good light will make it much easier to see what’s going on when you demonstrate stuff.

All approved videos will be embedded on the video contest page on the DHHQ site which will help you rack up likes even faster. They may also appear on Dreadlocks.TV.  If you’re a Dread Family member you can also upload it to your feed so it will show up for site visitors to see. 

After the contest, clips from the best videos on each product will become part of our product vids, immortalizing your work and making you part of DreadHead history!


  1. Make it informative n fun
  2. Choose a product or technique from our site that you can help people learn
  3. Somewhere in the middle of your video ask people to click “Like” if they like it
  4. Keep it about 2-5 min in length
  5. Make sure the video and audio are clear
  6. Show off your dreads - people need to know that you know your stuff =]
  7. Display our web address at the end of the video so people know where to go to get more info
  8. Post it on your Facebook page, twitter, blog, etc so your friends, followers and readers can Like it.


Totally Do’s that will help your video get more game
  • Give your video a descriptive title so people can find it. If it’s about fixing loops, make the title something like “How to fix loops in your dreadlocks” that’s way better than just “Fixing Loops”.
  • Give your video keywords and write a description for it - that will help people find it too!
  • Require approval for your comments. That way you can answer good questions and shut out trolls that love to post spam.


  1. Don’t use any copyrighted material
  2. Don’t F!@#’n cuss, we wanna keep it PG =]
  3. Don’t make your video private - it should be public and downloadable
  4. Don’t forget to link to DreadHeadHQ.com in the description so people can get more dreadlocks info at the site.
  5. Don’t post it more than twice to the DreadHead Facebook wall, that would get kinda spammy if everyone did that, but it’s fine to post it twice, a few days a apart so everyone gets a chance to see it.


How To Enter

After you make your tutorial video upload it to YouTube. 

Next, use this form to send us a link to it and enter it in the contest!

Currently you can enter up to two videos. If you’ve already entered two and you’d like to enter more please contact us first - we may approve additional submissions.


How to win and claim your prize

Good videos will rack up likes but there are some things you can do to help. To make sure your video is seen check your description, video title and video keywords. They should all contain words that people might use to find a video on your topic. Instead of just putting the word “dreadlocks” be specific: “how to section your hair for starting dreadlocks”. 

Post a link to your video on your facebook, twitter, blog etc. Don’t forget to also post it to the DreadHeadHQ FB page wall up to two times, and if you’re a Dread Family Member you can post it there as well.

Let your “Likes” add up until you reach 60. Once you do let us know by using this form here. 


Contest FAQ

Can I get my gift certificate before 60 likes?

If you want to claim your prize before hitting 60 likes it is possible to contact us any time after you’ve reached 10 likes to get your gift certificate, but we can only count your likes and make a gift certificate once so it’s better to wait if you can since you’ll get more free stuff.

Can you help me decide what to make a video about?

Reading through our instructions sections and FAQ will spark a bunch of ideas. Think about what things you get really well and would have fun explaining. Can you remember things that didn’t make sense when you were getting started that you could clear up for other people? Do you have a favorite tool or product? Pretty much anything can work, of course you want to choose something that's not already well covered in a video. =]