Dreadlocks Questions from our Wall

Marquita C. Tucker
I used the two strand twist method to start my dreads because of my hair type and they are doing pretty well... Will it dread the same if i used the backcombing method?
DreadHead Hq
Yes, as long as you're able to create knots in the new growth they should compress, tighten and grow into the dread. You'll probably see a transition in the dread at the point where the twists were but it wont be a big deal

Shane Horvath
i heard that wearing a tam in the first months while you sleep helps the dreads is that true and what does it help out with the dread?
DreadHead Hq
It keeps the fuzzies off of them and a bit of pressure from the tam will help push some of the loose hair into the body of the dread. Some of the benefit is temporary - after a wash the loose hair might pop back up - but if it looks better in the mean time that's still a benefit. Just be sure you never put them in a tam wet and try to use a tam that will allow your scalp to breathe. I find that if I wear a tam too long I need to wash my dreads sooner.