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As you may have guessed a lot of people ask us questions about their dreadlocks. =] We need your help to make sure that we are answering questions that are not already answered on our site. That way every question we answer can become new content which will help more people with their dreadlocks. You can help by searching our site for the answers to your questions before you ask. We've tried hard to make our Epic Dreadlocks Site Search the best it can be. Give it a shot an let us know how we did!


Since most questions have been asked many times before you'll want to read through the Questions and Answers in our Frequently Asked Questions Knowledgebase. You'll find yourself answering questions you didn't even know you had!

I've also tried really hard to include information in the Making and Maintaining Dreadlocks sections that will answer your dreading questions when they usually occur. These sections are packed with great how to make dreadlocks info. If you've not read through it yet and watched the Dread Vlog videos, please take the time to check'em out!

When you're sure your question isn't already answered, please contact us and let us know your question so we can answer it and add it to our site. You'll find a form that you can use to do this below.