Do I need to twist my dreadlocks? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

You'll probably here some people say that they need to get their dreadlocks re-twisted. You might also see them twisting their dreads around and around in the same direction. If this is working for them, they have a specific hair type - referred to as highly textured or some people just call it African textured.

Twisting only works in highly textured hair. In in straight hair it does pretty much nothing. Those with straight hair will use Clockwise Rubbing to create new knots instead of twisting. Another reason that people twist dreads is to help them compress. In straight hair Palm Rolling is used to get the knots to compress. In addition to different techniques, different products are used for highly texture and straight hair. Why is that?

In short, Straight hair or Caucasian hair types require more help to make decent looking dreads. The hair is more resilient to knotting and doesn't hold knots as well. If your hair has enough texture or curl to it that it turns into a nice, tight afro when it grows, you'll be able to used the twisting technique to start and maintain your dreads. If not, you'll have a much easier time using the instructions on this site, which are primarily for people with harder to dread, Caucasian hair types.  We've also been able to help a lot of people that are mixed and have some African texture but not quite enough texture for twisting techniques to work. These Asian - African or Caucasian - African mixed textures lock up beautifully with the techniques and products we use - even when the hair did not dreads in previous attempts.

If you know that you have highly textured hair and you'd like to learn about different dreadlocking options, you might check out - You'll find instructions and products for making dreadlocks in textured hair.