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How will you know we received your email?

Typo's, spam filters & glitches can happen. We want to make sure we get your message so you get a response. Watch your inbox and your junk folder after you submit your form. You should ALWAYS get a message back letting you know your communication was received within 15 minutes. If not, there is a very high likelihood that your message never got to us or the response was filed as spam. After checking your junk folder and making sure your email address is correct please try resending it.

After we receive your email please allow us up to one full business day for a response. We hope to respond much sooner but during high email volume we are not able to. Please note that DreadHead business days are Monday-Friday excluding UPS holidays. You may email us at any time during the weekend but we will not receive your response until the next business day; we will respond within 1 business day of receiving it.

NOTICE: If you have a hotmail, live or msn email address I can almost guarantee you'll find our email in your Junk folder. I apologize for the inconvenience.