Can I melt the wax in the microwave to soften it? - Dreadlocks FAQ's

Well, you can but I don't recommend it. There is a chance that it will over heat and melt the jar. This would make a nasty mess in your microwave. It could also burn you if you tried to apply it while it was too hot. The best thing to do is just work the surface with your thumb. As you break the surface it will soften and you can apply it easily.

There is a big tendency to over wax. I know it smells great and all but it's better for your dreads if you use just the right amount. One good thing about the wax being a bit stiff in the jar is that it tends to slow people down. Rather than making candles on their head they put a small amount on their dreads and work it all the way in before adding any more. This is good. So what I'm saying is, if you do decide to warm the wax make sure you still only add a small amount, don't go crazy nuts with it...

Before adding any wax to your dreads you should visit the Initial waxing instructions to see how much to apply. Before re-adding additional wax later see our Maintenance waxing instructions to see how much and learn when to apply it.