About to Dread IT UP!

This is how we dread the locks, dread the locks, dread the locks.........

OK I know you're pumped and ready to start but when you get done there is something you're going to wish you did right first......stumped?....

before dreadlocks picture 
A Before Picture!

Why? It makes us really happy to get pics of all you great lookin' dreadheads! You'll be able to post your before and LOTS of after pictures as your dreadlocks progress. It's amazing to see how they tighten and grow over time....but it all starts with your before pic!

Make sure you look like a real goober so people can tell the difference between your cool self with dreads and what you were missing out on before your dreads. :)

"So like oh my gawd you're like totally ready n' stuff, like for real, like awesome!" *SHMAK* Who let in the cheerleader? Get the big wooden stick.