Waxx-Off Wax Remover


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A product you're likely to never need, but it's nice to know it's free* if you should.

While it’s true that dread wax removal can be as easy as heating your dreads with a hair dryer, this is not always the case. For starters, some brands of wax aren’t designed to melt out and even those that are can become difficult to remove when too much is used or if one continues to apply it after the dreads have matured. Unusually thick dreads can also present challenges.  In the end, most people do their best to follow the instructions, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can always remove dread wax...in any situation? Waxx-oFF Can promise just that. It literally dissolves dread wax, allowing it to wash out of your dreads with ease. 

One of the ways that Lock-Blockers spread fear is by convincing people that dread wax is impossible to remove. When you’re new to the scene it’s easy to lose sight of the thousands of people who have used dread wax to start their dreads and then removed it without any issues, myself included. The haters either don’t know or don’t like to talk about the science behind wax. Wax is simply a non-polar solute. This is why water, which is a polar solvent, does not remove it on it’s own. They insist that since wax is difficult to remove from your hands with water that it’s impossible to remove from dreads. This if course is false - what they fail to realize/admit is that the whole point of soap is to allow water to wash away fats, oils and waxes. By using hot water and an effective soap, like our dread soap, dread wax washes out. But there’s an even faster, easier way to remove a non-polar solute like wax. That is to use a proper non-polar solvent. This will directly act on the wax - liquefying it at room temperature.

Those that stick to our waxing recommendations will never need this product, (and if they do, for any reason, it will be made available free of charge, guaranteed*) but it would be irresponsible and short sighted to ignore the fact that the instructions are not always followed. After hearing first hand from some customers that had used our Dread Wax with no instruction, just applying it “when an how they felt it should be applied”, it became obvious that these things do happen, and when they do we have two objectives: 1)Remove extra wax created by the misuse and then 2)Seize the opportunity to learn why misuse occurred so we can prevent it from happening again.  I think everyone can agree that discussing where to place the blame for misuse is unnecessary and ultimately an unproductive distraction.
If you started your dread journey before finding our site, and you already have a petrolatum based “dread wax” in your dreads relax. Wax oFF will help you completely remove other products so you can get your dreads started off on the right foot. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re trying to save a botched set of dreads. We can guide you and save you a lot of time and frustration.

*Free Waxx oFF will be made available to anyone that has purchased DreadHead Dread Wax from us or our distributors and attempted to remove it according to our instructions  - the full terms can be found here.

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