Ultra-Plus Dread Kit


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ultra plus dread kit

Responsible for tens of thousands of healthy dreads world wide! The Supa Dupa Dread Kit is the original, all in one, make ya some pimp-nasty-kick-ass locks, guaranteed to dread your hair, dreading solution! The Ultra-Plus Kit continues to pack on the value with even more items and discounts on additional gear. With this kit and some patience you can make anything from perfect, well-groomed dreads to wild and crazy jungle locks. The powa is in yo hanz!

If you're looking at some of the other products that are not in the Ultra Plus Dread Kit (but are available below at a discount) and you're wondering if there's anything you'll wish you had ordered with your kit...I'll let you know what items people usually get when they comeback...I'll dub these "crucial dread-kit add-ins"

Dread Butta. This sweet smelling hero of smooth locks does double duty for your dreads. When your dreadies are new it goes on right after the wax to make your dreadies feel awesome. You can hear them shouting HELLS YEA if you listen closely. Say goodbye to the tacky feeling of newly applied wax that hasn't had a chance to work in yet...Dread Butta Knocks out tacky like Chuck Norris on a crazed rampage...  Then as your dreads mature, and no longer need waxing, the Dread Butta shows off it's stuff again as an amazing natural moisturizer. Much easier to apply, and lighter than the wax, it prevents dryness and breakage and makes the surface of the dreads soft rather than scratchy. 

Another thing that is often overlooked is the fact that if you only have one dread comb you can only have one person backcombing at a time - since they are discounted with the kit you can pickup a few and reduce an all day backcombing marathon to just a few hours.

That's it for now, but if any more crucial kit add-ins come along I'll keep you posted.


The Ultra Plus Dread Kit includes:

  • A 4oz Jar of Dread Head pro dread wax.
  • A 8oz bottle of Dread Head pro dread shampoo.
  • A bottle of Lock Peppa
  • A 18oz Locking Accelerator
  • A Locking Accelerator Refill pack to make an additional 18oz
  • A dreading comb perfect for makin’ and tighten’n natty locks.
  • The Legendary Loose Hair tool (ver 2.0)
  • The Epic Lock Sculpta
  • 250 Hair elastics.
  • The DreadHead How to Dread DVD
  • Lock-Up-Dates™ service
  • It's also Guaranteed to dread any hair!


10% off any of the items below when you order this kit and use the coupon code: kitdiscount

 Have a Dreadlocks Party! The more people that can help dread your hair, the faster the dreading will go. Which will make the dread-ee and the dread-ers much happier. So call some friends, get a pizza, and rent some movies and make a throw down dreadlocks party! Don’t forget extra dread combs.


Spend your time dreading, not reading. The DreadHead How to Dread DVD makes learning to dread quick and easy.

How long does a bottle of Dread Soap last? A bottle Dread soap usually last about 1½-2 months depending on how often you wash your dreads. If you wash your dreads twice a week a bottle will last a little over a month.
Lock Peppa is the ultimate maintenance tool! You can make tons of new knots and take care of ALL your loose hair... If you’re about to put dreads get ready to save HOURS just by backcombing with Lock Peppa in the hair... Backcombing an average dread of 7 inches usually takes about 450 strokes. Using Lock Peppa makes backcombing 3 times faster, only 150 strokes for the same dread.
Dread Butta transforms dry scratchy dreads into silky smooth goodness while helping tame fly-aways! A jar of Dread Butta lasts about 2-3 months, depending on the frequency of use and the length of your dreads.
How long does a bottle of Locking Accelertor last? A bottle Locking Accelerator last about 2 months, depending on how often you maintain your dreadlocks.
A few sprays of Dread-Licious will give your dreads the moisturizing burst of tasty refreshment they’ve been longing for... Your dreads will look, feel, and smell their best because Dread-Licious combines all natural ingredients like Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin E to deliver essential nutrients that keep locks healthy.
Want L-O-N-G dreads? This supplement is fantastic!
Dreading crazy long hair? You'll probably be able to manage with one jar but you'll have none for maintenance.
Powerfully infused with the bright revitalizing fragrance of freshly cut, organic eucalyptus you'll find yourself looking forward to every shower.
Fix dread issues with a quickness. Tha Docta has you covered.
The Must-Have maintenance tool. Loose hair doesn't have a chance when you're armed with Lock Peppa and Loose Hair Tool!
Stimulate that scalp and say goodbye to itchy dreads!
Redifining dread-awesomeness the Sculpta will allow you to tighten and perfect your dread masterpiece!
This tool is an absolute gem for smaller dreads where the size of the regular tool doesn't allow it to stay within the dread. It can also work well in larger dreads when you're only pulling in a small amount of hair at the tip.
The DreadHead Dread Band is the most versatile dread accessory. Dread bands make your dreads look better while keeping them out of your way. Perfect for sports and other pursuits where dreads might get in your face.
Complete instructions are online but you can add a printed quick reference page to your kit if you think you'll need it.

All the Dread Tools you'll need at a discounted price. Plus a Lock Peppa and an additional Free Lock Sculpta. 
Extra Large shower cap is great for keeping your dreads dry while showering.

Get your dreadlocks squeaky clean with the Washing brush for dreadlocks!
Keep your dreads out of your face while you are sleeping.

6 Extra Large Sectioning Clips!
Protect your new dreads from loosening up while you wash your dreadlocks!
Dry your dreads in half the time and prevent them from holding lint!


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