Pro Elastics


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DreadHead Pro-Elastics are the strongest elastics made! And they don’t pull your hair like normal rubberbands. They hold up longer than any other elastic on the market. Unlike many elastics that break off after a day or two, DreadHead elastics stay where you put them until you take them off. And they are the perfect size for dreads, most elastics or rubberbands that you get at stores are made for holding ponytails they are so big they that you wrap them around dreads about 10 times to get them to fit. Geesh!, you are trying to show off dreads here, not rubberbands! These elastics are perfect for holding dread tips together while they lock up. They are supa nice because you can leave these babies in while you maintain your dreads unlike normal rubberbands that break if you do not take them off while twisting. They are made out of special strong poly plastic so they last almost forever! There are 75 elastics in each pack! Available in Clear and Black!

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