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Are growing your hair out before you get dreads? Three inches of hair is the minimum that you want to start with, five to six inches makes things easier. Maybe you've already put in your dreads and you're waiting for them to get longer. It seems like it takes forever, especially since your dreads tighten for a while and shrink at about the same speed your hair grows! So how long is it going to take to grow your hair out? It varies from person to person but, on average, hair grows half an inch per month. Not real fast. However you can definitely speed this up and reach your goals faster. 


You are what you eat, so it makes sense that diet plays a huge role in how fast your hair grows and how healthy it is. It's no big secret that few of us eat well enough to get all the vitamins and nutrients we need. Before we talk about vitamins and supplements though I want to tell you about a way you can get way more stuff you need from your food. Combining a better diet with vitamins and supplements is going to help you make fast, dramatic progress so don't skip this, even if it sounds like you've heard some of it before. =]


Eat more raw food! If you're not familiar with the concept of eating raw this probably sounds strange but hear me out. Fact: Cooking food decimates it's vitamins and nutrients. You are eating the same calories but getting a fraction of the benefits. The longer it's cooked and the higher the temperature, the less good stuff is left. Most people start thinking of meat as soon as you say raw food, and it's true that you can eat sushi, but most raw meals are vegetarian. Now before your eyes glaze over with images of iceberg lettuce and thinly sliced carrots, imagine waking up to a fresh fruit smoothie for breakfast...bananas, mango, frozen strawberries...yum. Eating raw doesn't have to be drudgery. You also don't have to eat 100% raw. You get many of the benefits like increased energy, faster hair growth, better mood, etc. just by eating 70% raw. There's a lot of great information about this lifestyle so I won't go on and on, but trust me, eating raw will really boost your hair growth, especially when you follow it up with some extra vitamin and supplement goodness...


The are quite a few vitamins and herbs that really boost hair growth. Occasionally people research these and try taking them alone. They are often less than impressed by the results. The first reason is that it generally takes two-three weeks before diet changes effect the hair. The second reason is that without the proper nutrients accompanying the vitamins, the body doesn't absorb them very well, so only part of the benefit is realized. This is one of the reasons that taking a multivitamin in addition to other supplements is encouraged. Once you have the basic vitamin and nutrient requirement met and you have boosted the levels of the hair-critical vitamins there are a couple other supplements you do not want to miss out on if you're trying to naturally speed hair growth. Namely Horsetail Herb(Silica being the active ingredient), and MSM. Both of these are fantastic and should be part of your efforts.


After a good bit of research and personal testing on myself, (I couldn't wait till my dreads were long enough to pull back into a pony tail so I experimented with a lot of supplements) I've found a formula that meets all these requirements and most importantly, it works really well. There's been a lot of interest in increasing hair growth speed so we're making this supplement available for you guys to check out. Supplies are limited in this initial run so if you're serious about growing your hair (or dreads) faster and stronger, pick some up and put time on your side. If you can combine this with some good raw food your results are going to be even more dramatic. Be sure to take some measurements so you can brag properly about how much faster your hair/dreads have started growing! This formula contains everything you need in one tablet. The bottle includes a full months supply! Buy yourself some time and reach the length you're looking for much sooner!

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