Dreadlocks Towel


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Seasoned DreadHeads know that drying one's dreads is every bit as important as washing them.

Unlike regular hair, dreadlocks are able to hold many times their own weight in water.

Dreaded hair is packed together tightly and it's difficult to remove moisture from the inner-most core of the dreads. They must be dried from the outside in. Only after water has been removed from the outer layers of the dread, will moisture begin to wick outward from the inside to the outside of the dreads and complete the drying process. Clean dreads that are free of residue dry noticeably faster because the water is able to wick with less resistance but removing as much water as possible from the surface of the dread is still one of the most important factors of drying dreads. 
Advances in microfiber and "towel technology" if you will, has led to creation of super towels that can absorb more water faster. We've studied and tested with interest but until know we were less that blown away by the results. These towels have surpassed the towel threshold, should be called advanced dread drying MACHINES. These towel or machines or whatever you want to call them, surpass their predecessors and truly stand alone when it comes to their ability suck the water out of your dreads and get them dry as fast as possible. There are a number of additional features that make these particularly well suited to drying your dreads so let's take closer look.
The first thing you'll notice is that the towels themselves are very thin and light. This works to their advantage because it means that every bit of their ultra absorbent surface is in contact with your dreads. This is part of the reason they are able to absorb water so quickly. If you've ever tried to wrap your dreads in a regular towel and wear them in "towel hat" for a short while you'll immediately recognize another advantage of these thinner towels. Most towels are so thick they make it difficult for your dreads to remain wrapped up and they are so heavy they towel and dreads together become difficult to balance. The dread towels sit nicely in place as they suck the moisture right out of your dreads. Another issue with most towels and wrapping up longer dreads is that they are not long enough to fully hold the dreads. At 55" these extra long dreadlock towels generally do the job with some to spare. 
You may be wondering, as I was, if it would be advantageous to put two of these epic dread dryers back to back for twice the absorbent surface area. In short, twice the towel does give you twice the capacity, and while this can be beneficial in some situations it's often better to be able to keep the two towels separate so that one can be removed and replaced by a completely dry and rabidly thirsty second or third towel. Depending on the size and length of your dreads their water holding capacity will vary and between 1 and 4 towels will be optimal. If you wash your dreads more often than your linens it never hurts to have some extra on hand, and there are other ways they will come in handy. For example, if I'm drying my dreads before bed I like to get them as dry as possible and then wrap my pillow in one of these towels. It does an excellent job of pulling additional moisture from the dreads while they continue to air dry during the night.
Another advantage to these dreadlocks towels is that they are completely lint free and non-shedding, so you don't have worry about your dreads picking up threads and fuzzies. We recommend washing your dread towels separately from all other clothing, towels, etc to keep them lint free. The fresh white color will make it easy to spot any fuzz trying to hitch a ride gain passage to your dreadies.
Overall I think you'll be thrilled with these towels and agree that they raise the bar on what a dread towel should be.
These dread towels are brand new so there is a limit of 6 per person or two 3 packs. This should be enough to get started and try them out. I apologize for the lack of stock but we hope to have more available soon.

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