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Is that a magical spring in your dreads or are you just happy to see me?

How many times have be been sitting around, getting complements on your dreads, and thought, "my dreads look so darn cool it hurts" but then before you could begin to address the pain a glimmer of a brilliant thought quickly flickered by, and then was lost. A thought so captivating that it gave your ears a tingle, and caused a rush of brain activity so intense you forgot to breath for just a second...but just as quickly it was lost...

As always we’re right there with ya, this happened all the time to us and frankly it began to piss us off. So we worked on it all day. We had to flood our hotel room and dance around dressed up like lizards but I’m proud to say that we have found a solution: We've managed to create a device that when wrapped around, and slid over a dread, it will capture fleeting thoughts and brilliant sparks of imagination so they never get away.

Simply slide one or more dread coils onto your dreads and you can begin to benefit from it everywhere you go. Be advised that proper functionality can be achieved with only one device however they are quite handsome and many of our customers decide to get several. Imagine the ever increasing number of compliments you'll receive and how good these will look on your dreads. Breathtaking isn't it. I know.

So take catch your breath and decide which color suits your dreads the best. I personally favor the silver, especially in dark dreads...but ultimately you have to choose your own inspiration and don’t forget to get a jingly thing to if you like. Be advised that the jingly things are for aesthetics only and to not influence performance.

DreadHead Dread Large coils have a 10mm hole and they are 18mm tall. DreadHead Dread Small coils have a 6mm hole and they are 18mm tall. They are made of sterling silver so these babies won’t turn icky green. Coils come in a variety of styles.


This item is handmade right here at the HQ!



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